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Classic Car Restoration Process

Trust us with your Classic Car Build Or Restoration. R&M Performance does the high quality work you should expect.

Pick Up
Pick Up

Pick up

Pick up and Delivery of your classic or muscle car to our facility either by our own personal hauler/driver or delivered to our facility by the car owner.



Now, your classic moves to the disassembly bay. This is one of the most important processes especially for the mechanics re-assembling the car. At this stage, photos are taken of the car at initial arrival and throughout the entire disassembly process and so forth to insure when the classic is in the assembly bay we have all necessary photos and documentation to ensure the car is put back to original if it is going back to stock or to ensure proper fitment of panels, trim, molding placements, etc.

Now your car will move to the next area to complete the disassembly process and remove the body of your classic from the chassis. The body will now be placed on a rotisserie using specially fabricated brackets to fit your car. The chassis will remain in tear down and then the bare frame/Suspension will move to the media blasting room.

Strip, Prep & Paint

Strip, Prep & Paint

After all of the paint and old material has been stripped and removed from the chassis and shell of car, yet again we are taking more pictures of the damage underneath of the painted material to show the client what is being repaired.

Now the next stage of the process the shell of the car and frame will move over into the body shop where the body shop technicians can work there magic on them. They will do all necessary rust repair and rust prevention stages to ensure the best quality for your classic. Our highly trained auto body techs use only high quality 3M, Evercoat, Eastwood and PPG Products on the body and frame.

Once the body repair and necessary frame repair is completed, your car now moves down to the Pre Paint Prep Bay. In this portion of the shop which is one of the most crucial our technicians will apply the necessary primer stages on your classics and perform three stages of block sanding to ensure your classic is as straight as an arrow. We only use high quality Evercoat, Eastwood, & PPG at this stage depending on customer preference. Yes we are still documenting and taking pictures at this stage.

After the priming stages are complete, we prep the undercarriage of the car to apply our special in-house rust proof undercoating to ensure superior rust prevention and sound deadening.

Now comes probably the most important process which we call our pre-paint inspection process. In this process our auto techs perform a quality inspection on the body and undercarriage before the initial paint process begins.

Now that the car has received checks on the inspection, we will begin the taping process for the car to finally get its true color. We will also perform all necessary metal prepping and cleaning to prepare for painting.

Finally, we have reached most clients favorite part of the entire process. The paint color is now applied to your classic using SATA spray equipment and only the highest quality product PPG. Depending on the car and paint job that is needed but the typical car gets our three to five coats of base, or as necessary, and three coats of clear. Then we will water sand the clear and re-spray to ensure the deepest shine possible.

Then your classic will move from our paint booth to our water sanding and buffing bay. In this step our techs will sand your cars newly applied paint in the different stages to ensure the best look and then polish the paint to a mirror-like finish.



After all polishing and sanding is completed then the car is moved to the assembly bay and this is where the car will drive out of when completed. Now our wiring & installation masters can work there magic, they will turn your painted shell into your dream machine, every part is either purchased if needed and possible to get, or parts are cleaned up, polished , all parts that where re chromed earlier are ready to install and the entire drive train gets put into place. Then our wiring "Guru" will do his thing and bring your baby to life.



Once every last detail has been completed we begin our Pre Deliver Inspection where the car undergoes road tests and quality control checks before leaving our shop because our policy is every customer must be satisfied. Now that your ride is completed you can either drive her home or we can deliver her to your door.

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